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Ishaan Kulkarni

Ishaan Kulkarni, an emerging artist from India. He started his career in music in 2019. He makes cover songs that are filled with a particular emotion. He started posting cover songs on YouTube for the first time. In 2020 he founded his own label called “Ishaan Kulkarni Records”. And he started making his own songs. Firstly, he released a song called “Falling” which had received good feedback from fans, and reach to 2k streams in a month. After that he collab with an artist popularly known as “Kalakaar”. These two artists made an emotional song called “Dur Tu Mujhse” this song also got famous with 6K streams in a month. After in 2021, Ishaan Kulkarni, crossed 10k monthly Listeners on Spotify, in this period span he started making Lo-Fi songs too. He tries to make different genre music. Currently he makes Lo-Fi, Hip Hop, Progressive House, Future Bass. In future this list would be upgraded, He had also remixed a song of “Imran Khan” which crossed more than 20K Streams. 
Ishaan Kulkarni hasn’t signed with any label as he wants to make his own best music and wants to be independent for now, in future if he receives any offer from a big label or any label, he will surely think of joining them or not. In 2022, He has reach monthly listeners of 30K. He has performed in concerts which are held within the country but, in different states too. He is the youngest artist who has achieved these achievements in his career. At the age of 17 he has achieved many awards in music such as best music artist of the year in 2019,2021.