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Luke Elion

Small Town, Big Dreams, Long Way

Luke Elion known by his stage name “Violet Rain” is an Indian Artists. He mainly produce in shoegaze, acoustic rock and alot of more genres and hes also CEO of Kriphin Records.

naturally introduced to a little agriculture town of india, luke hoped against hope more than the town brings to the table. luke is an ongoing CEO of kriphin records, He has made his place in the hearts of many people with his music.. 
he has likewise a software engineer and visual fashioner. everything began in one late evening time during summer of 2017, during a discussion with his striving performer companion, sam. luke was shocked to realize how taking advantage of music industry is, and the way in which fantastically hard it is for performers to bring a penny without a record arrangement, and that having artistic liberty with one is so difficult. the misery in his companions’ eyes enlivened luke to start his own record mark to have an effect in the local music industry scene, which began as a companions helping-companions project before long turned out to be more than he envisioned.
kriphin records is the brainchild of luke elion, kripin records started as an autonomous music mark, giving craftsmen full artistic liberty over their ventures and supporting their specialty monetarily. presently kriphin records has several specialists hailing from one side of the planet to the other, and it as of now counts 100k month to month streams on many significant music stages. At this point, kriphin records workers 6 staff individuals. luke elion supervises the progressing of the mark as the CEO, while dealing with side undertakings as a software engineer and visual creator with his extremely dear companion ayden, ayden is an imaginative chief and supervisor of the music studio “dreamhaze studios” where lots of notable territorial specialists have recorded their collections. Subsequent to acquiring some prominence inside the record name scene, in pre-summer of 2019s, kriphin records entered a significant dispersion manage moon Candy records. With the moon Candy Records’ help kriphin records turned out to be monetarily stable and begun zeroing in favoring the imaginative outlet of their chickens, rather than stressing over keeping the lights on.
starting around 2022, luke elion has marked 10 specialists inside his record name, music circulation manage very nearly 50 performers from one side of the planet to the other while having a wide crowd and enabling craftsmen through giving them full artistic liberty. we can’t express out loud whatever future luke elion holds, yet we sure know this 18 year old is a visionary who hoped against hope